Still life with Lobsters

On a summer day I had plans for a seafood dinner. The impulse to paint these wonderfully strange animals was too strong to resist.

Orchids on Porch

This small mounted sculpture is a shift from my usual two dimensional paintings. Different levels of this piece are cut from hard board, glued into place and painted. My original drawing and guide for this sculpture was meant to capture the lush tropical feel of the orchids.

Still life with Cauliflower

Another one of my wall mounted sculptures. I had created a pastel painting of this image and felt it would make an interesting sculpture. The shapes and colors of this still life were an inspiration. The different vegetables had been purchased from a local farm stand. All the different elements were cut from hard board, […]

Still life with Zinnias

Ive wanted to do a still life with zinnias for some time when I painted this piece. The concept was to include a cubist viewpoint to the composition.

Still life with Jonquils, Electric fan and Marbles

This still life was composed with an electric fan from Ebay, Jonquils from my garden and a selection of marbles from my childhood. What I wanted to achieve here was to convey how common objects can possess fantastical shapes and distinct personalities.

Summer Orchids

The man that owned and grew these orchids commissioned this painting.  Summertime for these plants was spent on a deck with an arbor. This setting was the perfect backdrop for these orchids.

Still life with Sunflowers

This still life set-up was composed of several elements that I’ve collected over the years. A silver teapot, ceremic rose jar, and fresh cut sunflowers all lovingly arranged to create a satisfiying motif.

Hot Wheels

While on Monhegan Island I came upon this scene. ┬áThe children bikes had been parked on the lawn of one of the village homes. Seeing the bright colors and fanciful shapes of these toys, I was compelled to paint them. These children bikes reminded me of some strange type of animal waiting to lunge into […]