Groove Street

This painting took its inspiration from a location in the Old Port, Portland Maine.

Jewelry for Sale

While visiting Monhegan Island, I saw this Woman selling her hand made jewelry.


UMO greenhouse …..

Young man with Book

My friend agreed to pose for this portrait on the rooftop of my studio in downtown Bangor Maine. We borrowed the Nutcracker jacket from a local Ballet company. I was inspired by the graphic quality of the jacket against the city and bright day.

The Canoe Racers

These men were participating in the annual Kenduskeag Canoe race in Maine. The color and spectacle of the event is inspiring. I don’t know in what place these two finished but they are brave to even have attempted this race.

Young men with dog in Rowboat

While I was painting on Monhegan Island these two young men and their dog showed up. The composition of these three in their boat surrounded by the water was very inspiring.

Young men and dog with Rowboat

I wanted to capture the action of these young men and their dog as they landed on the beach. Watercolor is a medium that I do love to work with and it’s a great way to show the spontaneity of a scene.

The Rollerbladers

I came across these two rollerbladers while visiting Boston.  For this painting, the bold clothing and protective gear this couple were wearing was too good to pass up. The symmetry of the composition in this piece was used to contrast the action and sense of play.

Young man with Fiddle

This gentleman was playing his fiddle at the Common Ground Fair in Maine. I do enjoy painting people who are doing things. When people are unaware that they are the subject of my artwork, I feel that they present a certain spirit and attitude that is real and interesting.

The Babysitter with stroller

Even with the stroller this young man seemed to be in a rush. I really liked the way the complementary colors of the stroller and redhead looked against the building’s hard lines.