The Fallen Tree

This scene inspired me, while I was visiting Monhegan Island.

Bass Harbor Light

One of the most iconic images from Maine, Bass Harbor Light.

Winter Dry Dock

I almost like boats more when they are out of the water.

Apricot Tree on Munjoy Hill

Friends own a home that has a very productive Apricot tree. Their home is  in an old neighborhood in Portland. I’m always interested in this little garden space and wanted to capture its special appeal.

Stonington Motif

Plien air artists in Maine are familiar with this view of Stonington Harbor. I wanted to portray the cradled Lobster boat and decreped shack as if they were strange animals. The pastel medium afforded me the chance to impart some textural qualities to this scene, almost as if the colors on the paper surface were […]

School in Snow

This building was originally an Orphanage and recently converted into a school. The snow blanketing this building added a bit of whimsy.

Monhegan Cottage

The couple that commissioned this piece lived in this cottage overlooking Monhegan village and Harbor.  They wanted a whimsical depiction of thier home.  Within the composition I even included the compost bin and clothes line.

Harbor Scene

This painting was inspired by a Harbor in Maine. The buildings and boats of this Harbor were depicted as if they were strange animals. Colors were imagined rather than rendered realistically. The medium for this artwork was oil paint pressed into crayon like sticks. These oil sticks allowed me to draw with oil paint.

Oar House, Monhegan Island

Next to the communal quarters where a group of artists reside is the “Oar House”. The porch was an interesting subject for this piece. I chose some intense colors and a high vantage point to help bring some excitement to this painting.

Ledges, Monhegan Island

Summers I frequently spend time on Monhegan Island. It is truely beautiful when the ocean meets the rocky shore of the island. I wanted to accentuate some of the unusual colors of the rocks and seaweed.