Apricot Tree on Munjoy Hill

Friends own a home that has a very productive Apricot tree. Their home is ¬†in an old neighborhood in Portland. I’m always interested in this little garden space and wanted to capture its special appeal.

Orchids on Porch

This small mounted sculpture is a shift from my usual two dimensional paintings. Different levels of this piece are cut from hard board, glued into place and painted. My original drawing and guide for this sculpture was meant to capture the lush tropical feel of the orchids.

Still life with Cauliflower

Another one of my wall mounted sculptures. I had created a pastel painting of this image and felt it would make an interesting sculpture. The shapes and colors of this still life were an inspiration. The different vegetables had been purchased from a local farm stand. All the different elements were cut from hard board, […]

Harbor Scene

This painting was inspired by a Harbor in Maine. The buildings and boats of this Harbor were depicted as if they were strange animals. Colors were imagined rather than rendered realistically. The medium for this artwork was oil paint pressed into crayon like sticks. These oil sticks allowed me to draw with oil paint.

Summer Orchids

The man that owned and grew these orchids commissioned this painting.  Summertime for these plants was spent on a deck with an arbor. This setting was the perfect backdrop for these orchids.