The Fallen Tree

This scene inspired me, while I was visiting Monhegan Island.


UMO greenhouse …..

Still life with Lobsters

On a summer day I had plans for a seafood dinner. The impulse to paint these wonderfully strange animals was too strong to resist.

School in Snow

This building was originally an Orphanage and recently converted into a school. The snow blanketing this building added a bit of whimsy.

Young man with Book

My friend agreed to pose for this portrait on the rooftop of my studio in downtown Bangor Maine. We borrowed the Nutcracker jacket from a local Ballet company. I was inspired by the graphic quality of the jacket against the city and bright day.

The Canoe Racers

These men were participating in the annual Kenduskeag Canoe race in Maine. The color and spectacle of the event is inspiring. I don’t know in what place these two finished but they are brave to even have attempted this race.


Originally a quick sketch was the inspiration for this sculpture.  I wanted to create an outside sculpture that would be able to survive the Maine winters. With minimal training I set about welding the basic structure.  After living with the skeletal form for a while I knew it needed some kind if sheathing.  My father […]

Monhegan Cottage

The couple that commissioned this piece lived in this cottage overlooking Monhegan village and Harbor.  They wanted a whimsical depiction of thier home.  Within the composition I even included the compost bin and clothes line.

Oar House, Monhegan Island

Next to the communal quarters where a group of artists reside is the “Oar House”. The porch was an interesting subject for this piece. I chose some intense colors and a high vantage point to help bring some excitement to this painting.

Stonington docks

On this day, I had spend most of my day along the shoreline, when I viewed this scene. The evening sunshine on these old docks was beautiful and seemed to lend an elegance to these old buildings.