About My Work

My work has developed in many ways over time. Initially technique was front and center. Drawing incessantly, making sure I was using my paint in the correct manner, etc. The time I spent at the Art Students League in New York City was vital to me and my work. Many hours were spent drawing and painting from the nude model along with long discussions about what art is or could be. Living in New York city afforded me access to World class Museums where I honed my artistic tastes and philosophy. Through all my time training and later working on my own, I have believed strongly that I should strive to have my own approach and style. My love of life and how I express that love is shown in the bright colors and strong shapes that i use in my artwork.


Oil paint has been my primary medium although I have worked with Acrylics, Watercolor, collage as well as welded Metal. Each art medium has its own special qualities that I delight in using.

Subject matter can vary greatly, from landscapes to portraits.  I do love paintings the house portraits, especially if the architecture is interesting. Having ones portrait painted has got to be the most exciting commission.

Artist John Leblanc

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso