Still life with Zinnias

Ive wanted to do a still life with zinnias for some time when I painted this piece. The concept was to include a cubist viewpoint to the composition.

Young men with dog in Rowboat

While I was painting on Monhegan Island these two young men and their dog showed up. The composition of these three in their boat surrounded by the water was very inspiring.

Young men and dog with Rowboat

I wanted to capture the action of these young men and their dog as they landed on the beach. Watercolor is a medium that I do love to work with and it’s a great way to show the spontaneity of a scene.

Still life with Jonquils, Electric fan and Marbles

This still life was composed with an electric fan from Ebay, Jonquils from my garden and a selection of marbles from my childhood. What I wanted to achieve here was to convey how common objects can possess fantastical shapes and distinct personalities.

Ledges, Monhegan Island

Summers I frequently spend time on Monhegan Island. It is truely beautiful when the ocean meets the rocky shore of the island. I wanted to accentuate some of the unusual colors of the rocks and seaweed.

Monhegan Island Cliff

Hiking along the trails on Monhegan Island I came upon this scene. The cliff seemed so invincible and yet here lived this strong scrubby fir tree.

Monhegan ledges

Their are many ledges along Monhegan Island. This grouping was especially inspiring to me as the sea seemed to accentuate the jewel like quality of the rocks.

Still life with Sunflowers

This still life set-up was composed of several elements that I’ve collected over the years. A silver teapot, ceremic rose jar, and fresh cut sunflowers all lovingly arranged to create a satisfiying motif.

Fir trees Monhegan Island

In this painting I wanted to show how fir trees appear to grow right from the rocks along the Maine coast. With the trees dominating the foreground the sea seems delicate and remote.

Rowboats at Dock

This scene was exciting to paint, with all the different angles of the boats jostling against one another. Using watercolor as a medium helped to express the spontaneity and playfulness of the day.