Harbor Scene

This painting was inspired by a Harbor in Maine. The buildings and boats of this Harbor were depicted as if they were strange animals. Colors were imagined rather than rendered realistically. The medium for this artwork was oil paint pressed into crayon like sticks. These oil sticks allowed me to draw with oil paint.

Summer Orchids

The man that owned and grew these orchids commissioned this painting.  Summertime for these plants was spent on a deck with an arbor. This setting was the perfect backdrop for these orchids.

Oar House, Monhegan Island

Next to the communal quarters where a group of artists reside is the “Oar House”. The porch was an interesting subject for this piece. I chose some intense colors and a high vantage point to help bring some excitement to this painting.

Stonington docks

On this day, I had spend most of my day along the shoreline, when I viewed this scene. The evening sunshine on these old docks was beautiful and seemed to lend an elegance to these old buildings.

Behind the fish houses, Monhegan Island

Although their are many great scenes on the island I wanted to find something that hadn’t been painted so frequently. As I was exploring behind the fish houses, I was pleased to find this scene. I liked that this view was mostly about the mundane life of the island. Lobster pots stored until needed and […]

Public Pool

A great place for artists to find subject matter is at the public pool. For me this was a way to find lots of models in candid activities.