When commissioning a painting there are a few guidelines that I usually follow. Although I sometimes work directly from the model, mostly I work from digital images. For me lighting is very important. I like to work from images that have strong highlights and distinct shadows. This is best achieved by taking the photos outside in early morning or late afternoon on a sunny day. Also to insure success I take many different shots, so that I have as many options as possible.

Ideally it is best for me to take the photos that I work from. If this is inconvenient, it is totally fine for the patron to take the photos and then send them to me. Additional information is available when the process begins, but it’s not as difficult as you may think. 

Pricing of the commission varies with the size and medium of the painting. Oil paintings start around $500 for a 12”x12”, while a watercolor or pastel can start for about $250. Of course the larger the piece the more expensive the cost. The price quotes for Watercolor or Pastel works are without framing. Watercolors and Pastels need to be framed under glass for the protection of the piece. I can frame the pieces but that would add to the cost. Framing options are discussed with the patron when discussing their project. 

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