Art Entry Page

Use this page for adding new artwork to your website.


Name of the art piece

The year the piece was completed (e.g., 2018)

Artist’s description and notes.  You will need at least one paragraph about each piece (where, who, why I did it, what was fun, what was hard, why I like it, etc.). Do not worry about formatting other than separating paragraphs.

This is the main image for the piece.  You should use a high resolution image in JPG format that has been compressed.

Check all the categories that apply to this piece.

Select the primary medium (this is what will be displayed with the piece).  If mixed medium, select “mixed” plus the mediums used.

Check all the categories that apply to this piece.

Select the relative size based on the width.

Height in inches (number only)

Width in inches (number only)

Depth in inches (number only).  Use “1” for paintings unless deeper. Enter actual depth for sculptures.

List a price with a dollar sign if the piece is for sale  (e.g., “$1,200”).  Leave blank if not for sale.

Add all the supporting images for this piece.  “Browse” for the first image (the main image), then “Add New” to browse for the next image.  Repeat until all supporting images have been added. You should use a medium resolution images in JPG format that have been compressed.

Optional – URL of video for this piece.  You must include the full URL including the http:// part.